When you pass Faria Beach, traveling north on US 101, you will find Seacliff Colony, about 9 miles from Ventura. Seacliff Colony is a gated neighborhood with about 49 oceanfront homes, buffered from the freeway with a beautiful stretch of farmland. This is considered an unincorporated community in Ventura County. Prior to 2005, homes in Seacliff were on leased land, but since then the homeowners have purchased the land from the lessor. Most of them are on 40-foot wide lots looking out into the Pacific and across to the Channel Islands. You will find Seacliff at the end of a beach access road that leads back onto the 101. Located halfway between Ventura and Santa Barbara, Seacliff’s easy access to the freeway makes this an attractive choice.
Homes in Seacliff Colony are between $2.5m and $4.8m.