The City of Ventura is proud of its Pierpont Beach, which consists of approximately 30 lanes which connect Pierpont Blvd. to the sand. Oceanfront estates and small 1950s cottages make for a charming beach community. It’s an easy walk to the neighborhood restaurants, boutiques and offices.

There is a small-town feel to Pierpont beach. You will find residents walking their children to school in the mornings, or even riding their bikes as a family to this quaint, desirable school on the beach. The Pierpont Beach community is bookended between Marina Park to the south and San Buenaventura State Beach to the north. Marina Park is a popular destination for Ventura families, with a little cove nestled into the beach and an inviting playground with a zip-line and pirate ship! At the State Park, you can be sure to partake in several events, such as volleyball tournaments and the Pooch Parade, and enjoy the restored natural sand dunes protecting the beach. There is a great bike path from here that travels north along the coast.

Homes in the Pierpont Beach neighborhood are anything from a small rustic cottage to a more luxurious and large beach home. Oceanfront homes command the greatest premium. Second and third lots with views are next in demand. The great thing about the lanes is that the beach is just a short walk away. Home prices range from $700,000 for the older cottages to $5,000,000 and over for oceanfront homes.